Living Word Of God Church visited Marlon Holiday Resort

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Marlon Holiday Resort Marlon Holiday Resort Marlon Holiday Resort Marlon Holiday Resort

Marlon Holiday ResortThursday 4th October the "Living Word Of God" Church visited Marlon Holiday Resort

Resort to celebrate their annual family day.

This was a national gathering with families from all parts of South Africa. The celebration took the form of a picnic and braai.

While the older folk sat back and enjoyed the beautiful and tranquil surroundings of Marlon Holiday Resort the younger ones enjoyed playing netball, cricket and volleyball. Others were swimming or paddling in the two sparkling swimming pools. While all this was happing others busied themselves preparing the fires and braai which could be smelt wafting through the park. Lunch was served to about 120 visitors under and around the large lapa during mid afternoon.

The happy picnickers finally left Marlon Holiday Resort just before sunset!

Marlon Holiday Resort Marlon Holiday Resort
Marlon Holiday Resort Marlon Holiday Resort
Marlon Holiday Resort
+27 82 406 8630
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